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The ultimate game improvement club

The PSP golf club makes you a better ball striker. Maybe even a great ball striker. The concept is simple. Practice and warm-up with a seven iron whose club face is 40% smaller than a normal seven iron, and your brain and muscles will adjust and adapt to the smaller sweet spot on the club face. When it is time to start your round, pure ball striking comes easier.

We have great videos of Sean Foley and other PGA teaching pros demonstrating the PSP Golf training aid. You can also watch the PSP Golf training aid YouTube channel by clicking here.

The reception to the Pure Solid Perfect golf training aid has been phenomenal since the club’s introduction three years ago. In a GOLFWEEK article, PSP founder Dan Bonomo discuses how “the club is now sold in thirteen countries.” A Golf Digest equipment review mentions that “tour pros have been using the prototype version in practice sessions, among them Charley Hoffman, Angel Cabrera and Stewart Cink.” In Golf Monthly, Greg Sampson writes, “My confidence in my shot making ability has improved immensely. I am proud to say I own a PSP Golf training aid and so should you!” In Fairways Magazine, Marty Henwood writes, “the PSP Golf training aid is a big-time training tool designed for maximum improvement.” David Theoret from eSouthernGOLF.com says, “The PSP club has become a regular part of my training at the range. I have let several people take it for a few days and try it out. A few have liked it so much they went out and got their own. It is a training aid that will positively elevate your concentration, improve your ball striking, increase your distance, and improve your confidence.” Brad Zimmer of The Golf Sandbox writes, “The club’s value is in its ability to help hyper-tune your innate sense of where everything is.”

Practice with the PSP golf training aid on a consistent basis, and you will add distance, increase your accuracy, and lower your scores. PSP Golf is so confident in the results, that every club comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

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